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The Hidden Costs of Choosing the Cheapest HVAC Company: Lessons from Manning Mechanical

When it comes to HVAC services, homeowners are often tempted to choose the cheapest option available. However, as the saying goes, "you get what you pay for." In this blog post, we'll explore the hidden costs and potential pitfalls of selecting the most affordable HVAC company. To illustrate these points, we'll use a real-life example from Manning Mechanical. We discuss a recent case where a homeowner paid for a low-cost furnace installation, only to discover several issues that needed correction. We will also provide an image of a correctly installed furnace for comparison.

Improper Furnace Installation by "The Cheaper Guys"

Furnace Correctly Installed by Manning Mechanical

1. Inexperienced Technicians

In the example of the incorrectly installed furnace, a homeowner initially chose a cheaper HVAC company to install a new furnace. Regrettably, the technicians responsible for the installation displayed a clear lack of expertise, leading to a host of issues, as demonstrated in the "before" images. The installation was marred by improper wiring, insufficient ventilation, and inadequate sealing.

At Manning Mechanical, our extensive experience in the HVAC industry, aims to educate homeowners about the importance of choosing the right company. The "correctly installed furnace" image provided serves as a clear reference point for how a professional installation should look, contrasting starkly with the initial, problematic installation. Manning Mechanical's experienced technicians ensure that installations are done right the first time, avoiding the hassles and expenses of correcting errors.

2. Subpar Equipment and Parts

Cheaper HVAC companies often cut corners by utilizing subpar equipment and non-genuine parts. This can lead to frequent breakdowns and costly repairs. In contrast, Manning Mechanical prioritizes high-quality equipment and genuine parts, ensuring the longevity and performance of your HVAC system.

3. Transparent Pricing and Customer Service

At Manning Mechanical, we pride ourselves on transparent pricing and exceptional customer service. Cheaper HVAC companies may engage in questionable pricing practices, such as quoting low initial prices and then adding hidden fees. This can lead to financial surprises for homeowners. Manning Mechanical is a Heating and Cooling Company in Detroit MI that has a commitment to transparent pricing and excellent customer service provides peace of mind for clients.


This real-life example serves as a valuable lesson in the hidden costs of choosing the cheapest HVAC company. Inexperienced technicians, subpar equipment, hidden fees, and poor customer service can lead to expensive problems for homeowners.

Manning Mechanical's extensive experience, dedication to quality, and commitment to customer satisfaction ensure that the job is done correctly from the start. Our experienced technicians provide homeowners with safe and efficient HVAC systems. When considering HVAC services, it's crucial to remember that the value and peace of mind provided by a reputable company far outweigh the initial appeal of low-cost options.

Investing in quality service from the beginning will guarantee your comfort and the longevity of your HVAC system. To learn more about our expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction, please give us a call at 313-693-4232!


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